The biggest casino hotspots in the world

At online casinos like NetBet, the user has the advantage of being able to enjoy the complete casino experience from home or on the go.

Should you still want to really immerse yourself in the world of gambling at some point, then pick up a few suggestions here, because we have summarized the best goals for casino lovers for you!

Las Vegas

It’s hard to find a better place to go to casinos than Vegas. Sin City is so good that you will find a section entirely dedicated to this city on our website .

Located in the middle of the desert, Las Vegas is a veritable gambling oasis, with funky hotels, endless casinos, and the possibility of getting married within 15 minutes .

Monte Carlo

Famously, the closest Formula 1 race of the season takes place once a year in the city-state on the Cote d’Azur. However, Monaco has become famous for its abundant range of casinos.

In neighboring France, apart from Paris, there are no really good casino hotspots, which meant that countless French and people from the wider area regularly flocked to Monte Carlo. Monte Carlo’s popularity as a casino enthusiast destination has remained untroubled to this day.

But watch out: the stakes at these tables are high, Monte Carlo is known for the fact that around a third of the population is made up of millionaires.


Perhaps you didn’t even know that you get your money’s worth as a gambler in Sydney. A hot trip for all backpacking tourists who so often end up down under .

Home to more than 60 casinos, Sydney is definitely worth the trip. Slots are particularly popular in Australia . Wouldn’t it be interesting to see whether the Australian offer compared to NetBet is any good or not!


If Monte Carlo is too far and too expensive for you, then Paris is a practical alternative. There is definitely no lack of culture and shopping in the capital of France, so that you can spend a nice holiday away from the casinos.

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